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  Our Specialities    
  1)    Eco-friendly.
2)    Situated in a calm and quite atmosphere.
3)    Treatment center is situated in an organic and natural friendly area.
4)    Can feel the fresh air from sacred grove near the treatment center.
5)    The treatment center is constructed with medicinal wood.
6)    We planted herbal plants for preparing our on traditional medicines.
7)    Provide the Ayurvedic medicines like Arishta, Asava, Kashaya, Gutika, Oils etc.. from our
8)    Center is situated only 1/2 km away from NH 212 -  Calicut- Mysore
9)    Provide traditional Ayurvedic treatment in a traditional way. 
10)  In a diseased condition the treatment will be provided only after the consultation with the
Ayurvedic Doctor. 
11)  All the treatment will be given only under the supervision of well practiced Ayurvedic Doctor.
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